Powerful solution for excellent mobile imaging

CX-9 PLUS is the perfect choice for demanding procedures in neurosurgery, vascular procedures and cardiac applications.
The powerful 12.5kW generator and rotating anode enable to produce high-quality images with minimal dose exposure.

The CX-9 PLUS is the ECORAY’s product family. This surgical mobile C-arm was designed for orthopedic use to provide a variety of movement at limited space which can lead to the most convenient features in the surgery room.


Superb maneuverability, intuitive interface, and advanced fluoroscopic features optimize the most efficient workflow in the operating room.

Our mobile C-arms, with 9” image intensifier, provide quality images at low X-ray dose. The machine is easy to steer, position and operate. Also, it has superb heat management capabilities. Rotating anode power and pulsed exposure showcase are innovative as well.

  • - Optimized clinical workflow and connectivity
  • - High Quality imaging
  • - Powerful performance of 12.5 kW
  • - User-friendly operation
  • - Clinical versatility
  • - Dose Saving

Advanced image management by ECOVIEW™

  • - Compact design with integrated triple field I.I
  • - High resolution CCD camera (1K X 1K)
  • - Various clinical applications by workstation software
  • - Powerful 12.5KW HFG (300KHZ) with high performance
  • - Rotating anode tube for longer fluoro time with durability
  • - Connectivity to PACS

    CX-9 PLUS
Generator Type High Frequency Inverter
OP Console LCD Screen
Mode Radiographic & Fluoroscopy
Power Rating 12.5kW
Kv Range Rad. 40-125kVp (1kV increment)
Fluoro.40-120kVp (1kV increment)
mAs Range Rad. : 0.32 to 300mAs
mA Range Rad. Mode : 32, 50, 80, 100, 150mA
Fluoro. Mode : Normal mode : 035-5.0mA
Pulsed mode:1,2,4,8 pulse per second,
Multi pulse & Snap FL:035-5.0mA
Boost mode:6~20mA.
Exposure time Rad. Mode:10ms to 5sec
Fluoro. Mode:0 to 5.0minutes
ABC Automatic Brightness Control
Tube Type Rotating Anode
Focal Size Small:0.3mm, Large:0.6mm
Anode target 10° Target Angle
Heat Capacity 200,000HU
Image Intensifier(9 inch) Type Triple Field:9˝, 6˝, 4.5˝
Limiting resolution 52LP/cm
Grid 103 lines/Inch, Ratio:8:1, FD:1000mm
C-arm Movement & Dimension Free space in arc 782mm
SID 1,000mm
Depth of arc 680mm
Orbital rotation 135°(45~90°)
Horizontal travel 200mm
Vertical travel 500mm
Panning motion ±12.5°
Pivot rotation ±180°
CCD Digital Camera Sensor Interline transfer CCD
CCD format 1/2Inch, 5.5µm x 5.5µm Pixel size
Pixel Number 1024(H) x 1024(V)
AD Converter 14 Bit
Recursive filter Factors 2, 4, 8, 16 “Auto Motion Detection”
LIH Stores the last image
Frame rate 30 FPS
DIS(Digital Imaging System) Data acquisition Image Size:1024 x1024
Pixel depth :14bit
Automatic image capture
Dual monitor display & operation
Image Processing Window Level(contrast adjustment)
Real time & Post-Processing
Pan & Zoom Control
Image flip ( Horizontal & Vertical)
Image rotation (360°)
Edge Enhancement (sharpness)
Multiple display: up to 4x4 matrix format
Image Management Create a patient file & database
DICOM send
Networking to PACS
Image Storage Convertible to a general format: BMP
  • Specification is subject to change.

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